30 Pairs of Shoes Trunk “Lily Pons”.

C. 1930

25x45x16 in

(64x114x41 cm)

Louis Vuitton

N° 5659

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This authentic Louis Vuitton 30 Pairs of Shoes Trunk “Lily Pons” circa 1930’s, features monogram canvas all brass hardware, and lozine leather trims. Top of the line model. Very good condition considering age – Wears and marks, signs of use and travels. This type of trunk was named after the famous French actress and opera star “Lily Pons” from the 1900’s. She had specifically requested Gaston-Louis Vuitton to create a trunk to carry a part of her shoes collection when travelling and touring around the globe. The piece built was very successful and several models were built and ordered after that, becoming an iconic model, probably the most sought after by collectors.This specific one is particularly unique as it also has a custom made double interior locks built by the Vuitton manufacture. A true collector piece.

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